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February 9-11, 2024

SAFETY: We travel under the protection of PSALM 91:11, "He will order his angels to protect you wherever you -go-".  All travel in Mexico is tracked by Satellite GPS Tracker           https://maps.findmespot.com/s/QGGH#live/assets

REGISTRATION: $90.  These funds will be used for your transportation, lodging, food for yourself and others.  Read the Code-of-Conduct and complete the Registration Form.  For more information contact Ellis McMath at EllisMcMath@aol.com 

THE PROJECT: We will be conducting a Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child event for about 50 children in Villa, Ahumada, Mexico.  We will also be preparing lunch for all in attendance.

TRANSPORTATION: You will be contacted concerning your assignment vehicle. We will depart Albuquerque Friday morning at 10am. Contact Ellis McMath, Transportation Coordinator with questions. 505.507.3878

BAGGAGE: Bring your passport. If you do not have one contact EllisMcMath@aol.com for information on how you can -go- on this trip. Bring snacks for the road trip, money for lunches on the road, sleeping bag, flashlight.

FOOD: We will be preparing food supplies transported from the USA. You may be assigned kitchen duties to prepare meals for the group and the children.

LODGING: We will be staying at Iglesia Cristiana Villa Esperanza, a missions lodge 27 Kilometer, Mexico.

PHYSICAL HEALTH: The local water will make you sick if you drink it. Use your bottled water for drinking, cooking or coffee, even if it is being boiled.

SPIRITUAL HEALTH: Expect to experience God. Expect him to speak to you; ask him to speak to you. Be open to how God wants to change you; you will be changed.