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Our Own Better Together Missions Hub in the Copper Canyon!

Not a place to "stay" but a place to -go- from, hence the name Hub, center of activity. Jesus said -go- not stay.

February 15-21, 2021 

THE PROJECT: We will continue construction on our new missions hub at Rancho Seco near the Copper Canyon Guachochi.

TRANSPORTATION: All travel in Mexico is tracked by Satellite GPS Spot Checker. We travel under the protection of PSALM 91:11, "He will order his angels to protect you wherever you -go-". Someone will contact you about your vehicle assignment. 

REGISTRATION: $190 This money will purchase your transportation, lodging, construction materials and most of your food. Read the Code-of-Conduct and complete the attached registration form.  For more information contact Ellis McMath at ellismcmath@aol.com

BAGGAGE: Bring your passport. If you do not have one contact Ellis McMath for information on how you can still -go- on this trip. Bring snacks for the road trip, money for lunches on the road, sleeping bag, flashlight, hand sanitizer. 

FOOD: We will be preparing food supplies transported from the USA. You will be assigned kitchen duties to serve your fellow STM's (short term missionaries).

LODGING: We will be staying our first and last night at Christlike Ministries at Kilometer 27, Mexico. Otherwise we will be staying inside our own missions hub at Rancho Seco.   


Name _________________________________ Date of birth ____________

Address ____________________________________________________

City _____________________ State ___________ Zip ________________

e-mail ______________________ Cell phone ________________________

In case of emergency whom should we contact?

_______________________________________ Phone ______________

I have read and agree with the Code-of-Conduct

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