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September 18-20, 2020

Watch this from Francis Chan

The Project: We will host orphans from Anapra on a real camp-out at a really awesome place by a rushing river in the country side.

SAFETY: All travel in Mexico is tracked by Satellite GPS Spot Checker We travel under the protection of PSALM 91:11, "He will order his angels to protect you wherever you GO"

REGISTRATION: $110 This money will purchase food for the orphans and us,  your transportion and camping fees. Read the Code-of-Conduct, fill out the registration form, enclose your check and mail to: PO Box 67757 ABQ, NM 87114. Contact Jason or Michelle Potter at 505-328-3960 more information.

TRANSPORTATION: The Transportation Captain will contact you concerning your assignment vehicle.

BAGGAGE: Bring your passport or passport card. If you do not have one you can still go on the trip. Contact the Trip Leader for information. 
Bring snacks for the road trip, money for lunch on the road, tent, sleeping bag, cot or pad, flashlight, swimsuit, Bible. 

LODGING: We will create a "Better Together Tent City" for us and the orphans by the river near warm springs pools. 

FOOD: We will be preparing food supplies transported from the US. Expect to be assigned camp kitchen duties to serve the orphans and fellow STM's (short-term-missionaries).

PHYSICAL HEALTH: The local water will make you sick if you drink it. Use bottled water for drinking, cooking or coffee, even if it is being boiled. The reason most STM's get sick - dirty hands - use your hand sanitizer often.  

SPIRITUAL HEALTH: Expect to experience God. Expect him to speak to you; ask him to speak to you. Be open to how God wants to change you; you will be changed. 


Name _________________________________ Date of birth ____________

Age ______________ Sex _____________

Address ____________________________________________________

City _____________________ State ___________ Zip ________________

e-mail ______________________ Cell phone ________________________

Home phone ________________________ Work phone ________________

In case of emergency whom should we contact?

_______________________________________ Phone ______________

I have read and agree with the Code-of-Conduct

Name ___________________________________   Date   _____________