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Cuauhtemoc 2010
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Christmas for the orphans
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Paraiso Madera Penitas
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We had a great time of ministry to 57 orphan kids at the rustic lake resort, Paraiso Madera Penitas, in the mountains of Mexico!  29 STMs (short term missionaries) from Albuquerque joined 7 indigenous Christians from Cuauhtemoc and took Matthew 28 to heart "GO..." We WENT - Friday and returned Sunday!

It was a full moon blessing when we arrived.

Chilly nights and warm days. We got to know each other on this trip. Someone had to get up at 2 am and "stoke" the fire!

Our youngest STM's + Gary. Lior Bar Ami (our Jewish Israeli guest), Sarah, Daniel, Amber, Leo, Desire, Erin, and Jacob with the light saber.

Praying for the success of the new greenhouse. Food for the kids.

Put your hand in the hand of an orphan.

3 STM's displayed their devotion to Christ by being baptized in the lake.

Robin and Stephanie. Dead to the old, raised to walk in newness of life!

Then we ate the "Bread-of-Life" and drank the "blood of the Lamb".

Kiko-the-Clown was able to show the love of Christ to the kids.

Life is like a "Donut" without Christ- a hole in your heart. 10 kids walked forward to receive Christ.

The kids received their own Christmas gifts and new shoes. Join us next year.