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Orphan Camp-out OCT 2011
Cuauhtemoc  - Prison
Guachochi, Spring Break 2011
Dental Clinic - Anapra
Orphan Care JAN 2011
Cuauhtemoc DEC 2010
Anapra, Christmas 4 Orphans
Lazaro OCT 2010
Orphan Campout 2010
Lazaro, Labor Day
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Anapra June
Lazaro Cardenas June '10
Cuauhtemoc 2010
Anapra, Mexico
Madera - Spring Break 2010
Christmas for the orphans
Orphan Camp-out 2009
September in Madera
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Memorial Day Weekend 2009
Dental, Prison, Dorm - April
Madera - March 2009
Paraiso Madera Penitas
Madera - October 2008
Madera - September 2008
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Juarez - April 2008
Baldrichi - Spring Break 2008
Madrea - Pastor Conference
Church-on-the-Road Juarez
Madera-Orphanage NOV 2007
Baldrichi OCT 2007
Madera-Medical SEPT 2007
Baldrichi Summer 2007
Memorial Day Weekend 2007
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Wow, what a trip!  The Lord allowed the river to be low enough for our entry

The Lord's chosen Army for this special mission

This is the right place to build a house for Pastor Jose, Elsa and kids

Sand for the concrete floor - Go girls!

Nice start

Which way is up?

Lunch time!  Thanks Terry!  Thanks East Mountain Calvary Chapel.

All girls wall

Love those power tools! Nail gun - No problem - Back off guys!

Second day on the job.  First wall goes up!

Looks good Justin and Kiko - Nail it!

Enrique.......Don't hook the RED to the cold........or is it the other way?

Tarahumara girls - Who knows what they may be thinking.

Dirty job.  Thanks Sarah.

Good job on the PLAN Justin (MR CLEAN).

Widow up...............Tripp and Enrique.

After a hot shower.........I feel like a new person!

Night time in camp.

Nice Job everyone!  Well Done.

Then then the rain came.................

......and the river, too deep to cross, therefore....

....STM's (short term missionaries) started the Great American Adventure on a return to their day job in Albuquerque..... via walking, truck, bus, bus again thru the night and rental van!  Well Done servant.