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Churches - Better Together

What an experience it was for 15 Better Together US citizens to do something for God in Madera and hang out with the Mexican Church! This was our first ministry event into Madera for the purpose of construction. Pray for the elderly as we have found they are a very neglected group in Mexico. This structure will be a "retirement dorm" just for them.

Many rocks were in the same place we wanted to pour concrete. Harvey digs one out as he celebrated his 69th birthday on this trip!

Took a POWER tool to conquer this rock and replace it with steel and concrete!

Ellis, Lori and Amber get this form staked, leveled and at the right hight. Notice the city jail in the background.

Smile guys and gals, the food will soon be ready!

Salmon filets on a mission trip, who ever heard of such a thing!

Back to work.  Enrique checks the concrete as "Young Buck" looks on.

Of course we played with the orphan kids and took them needed food from Sams Club.

Amber is a student at University of New Mexico and has committed her life to mission work in Mexico.

Rebecca with orphan kids.

Enrique explains the 4th spiritual law to 3 inmates in the city jail.  They accepted Christ as their personal Savior. We saw 6 Mexican people give there lives to Christ on this trip.

Erin, a US teenager says goodbye to a Mexican orphan teenager.

An orphan girl allows Ellis, Founder and Director of BTM to pick her up.

BTM Pilots, Mike, Justin and Ellis fly the BTM aircraft  in - out of Rancho Huacopa.

Please consider joining us on the next trip.